How do I Contact Kaspersky Support?

Are you looking the ways to contact Kaspersky? Is your Kaspersky antivirus software not supporting? Is it unable to locate the issues? Well, in this case, Kaspersky has a support department that is allotted to solve the users’ problems. Whether you have any query or facing any issue regarding Kaspersky, you are advised to directly contact Kaspersky support.

There is more than one way using which you can contact Kaspersky’s support. So, have a look below to use such ways:

  1. Dial 1 (781) 503-1820 toll-free number of Kaspersky to get help from support.
  2. You can choose to chat with the Kaspersky support department for getting the solutions to the errors you are facing.
  3. Drop Kaspersky support depart an email, dictating everything about your issues with Kaspersky antivirus software.
  4. Users can dial +1-877-232-4588 to contact Kaspersky tech support.
  5. You can land on the Kaspersky support website to get help.
  6. Kaspersky support department also has a community forum page where users can put their queries. On the forum page, if a user of Kaspersky knows the solution he or she can write the answer as well.
  7. Another is to contact Kaspersky support by their social media pages.

Is There A Phone Number For Kaspersky Customer Service?

Yes, Kaspersky has the best number to contact the customer service helpline by dialing 1 (781) 503-1820 number. The number is the toll-free Kaspersky support phone number that users can use to dial for free.

  1. 1 (781) 503-1820 number allows the users to connect with the connoisseurs at Kaspersky.
  2. Kaspersky’s customer care staff stays happy to help their customers.
  3. Users after dialing Kaspersky’s best number support number can directly talk with the live person at Kaspersky.
  4. Kaspersky’s support number stays active 24/7 for helping its users.

Kaspersky has provided different country users with different numbers

  1. For the USA users: 1 (781) 503-1820
  2. For UK users: +44 (0) 203 356 4983
  3. Canadian users: +1 (888) 247-1614
  4. For Australian users: 1300-762-833

How do I contact Kaspersky tech support?

Kaspersky tech support solves the technical issues faced by the users. If you are having any technical issue, such as your Kaspersky antivirus software is not working, the firewall making the system hang or slow, the software not catching virus anymore, or whether your Kaspersky antivirus detection tool is not giving you a warning before opening any website, then you can call Kaspersky tech support department.

  1. Use +1-877-232-4588 number to contact Kaspersky tech support.
  2. Kaspersky tech support service stays life for helping its users.
  3. Users can call Kaspersky official support number anytime to get help.
  4. Kaspersky helps you in keeping your computer safe. But when it fails to do that, users can call Kaspersky technical support to get help.

How do I contact Kaspersky through Chat?

Users of Kaspersky can chat with the customer support department to get the solution through the community forum. On community forum page users can post their issues and get the answer to that error.

How to reach the Kaspersky community page? Well, for this you need to follow the below instructions.

  1. Land on the official page
  2. Then log in to My Kaspersky
  3. Click on Support, and then
  4. And select community forum to contact Kaspersky officials.

There on the page, you can also choose a technical support page to get the tech-support team help.

How do I contact Kaspersky through email?

If any user wants to contact Kaspersky through email they can do that as well. Through email, you can send detailed information about the error and even attach the screenshot.

To send an email to the Kaspersky support, you need to land on their website and then follow the below steps.

  1. Scroll down the page, and click on Contacts.
  2. Contact Us page will get open and then you need to click on CONTACT FORM under Customer Support.
  3. A form will get open on your screen, you need to fill it appropriately
  4. When you are done with filling the form, click on Send Email.

The mail will directly go to the Kaspersky support experts and after analyzing your issue they will contact you with the solution.