How Do I Contact Asus Support?

Are you looking for the Asus support help? Asus is a well-known company, but sometimes its router may fail to work as expected. And if your Asus router is not responding you can contact Asus support to get the help. There are multiple ways to contact Asus customer support, and we have mentioned those ways below. Check out the list below:

  1. Dial Asus support toll-free number- 800-820-6655 to talk with customer support.
  2. Asus also has an email support service for the users to contact.
  3. You can have Online Chat with the Asus support department to get the solution to the errors you are facing.
  4. Users have another option to contact Asus experts, is- by going on their Support Website.
  5. Asus also has social media pages through which you can get their help.
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Instagram
    4. YouTube
  6. Asus support also has a community page through which their users can contact them and post their queries there.

Is There A Phone Number For Asus Customer Service?

Yes, there is the best phone number to contact Asus customer service. As mentioned above that you can use 800-820-6655 toll-free phone number to contact Asus customer service.

The number stays active in official hours. Therefore users can call Asus support to rectify the router error between 6 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday, and Saturday- Sunday from 6 am to 5 pm.

  1. Asus customer service phone number is the best way to talk with the expert executives.
  2. Users can get all the answers to their queries as well as they will also get the solutions of error with the router.
  3. Your calls will always pick up by the professionals at Asus support.
  4. Users won’t get troubled by machine automated answers because using 800-820-6655 number you will only get the assistance by a live person at Asus.

Asus also provide different number for different countries:

For the USA: 1-888-678-3688
For Canada: 1-905-370-2787

For Taiwan: 0800-093-456

For India: 1800-2090365

How Can I Contact Asus By Chat?

Online chat support service by Asus is the second-best option opted by the users after calling. Yes, after a toll-free number of Asus 800-820-6655, most of the users opt for online chat.

You can have chat with the executives of Asus to get help. Or you can also contact Asus support through chat when you have queries in your head.

Asus online chat support service is the trustable service because through this users directly contact trained and well-experienced executives at Asus.

You can easily access the online chat service, you need to open Asus Support Website, scroll down and then under contact us you see the Chat option.

How Can I Send Email To Asus?

Asus is a well-known company, it provides various services to its users. Router service is one among all the services. At times the device or router stuck in the mid while working and fail to complete their task. Hence, in this case, users are advised to contact Asus support department. You can contact them through support number- 800-820-6655, by chat or can also send them an email.

You don’t need to do lots of research for that, just write about your issue, query or error that you are facing with your Asus router and send the email. To support your mail you can attach a screenshot or picture showing the error.